Milan is always full of news and events to discover. If you don’t know what to do during the weekend in Milan, find out some tips on exhibitions that you can visit during your weekend in Milan.

  • Triennale – tribute to Grazia Varisco

WEEKEND IN MILANThe Triennale of Milan honors Grazia Varisco, the artist born on October 5, 80 years ago in Milan, where he still lives and works today, with the exhibition titled “Recurring Sliding Alignments”. The exhibition takes place from Friday 6 October to Sunday 12 November at the Palazzo della Triennale, Viale Alemagna 6 in Milan, with the following opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm.

The works on display range from the early eighties, such as the Gnomons, to newer creations, such as the Series of Interconnecting and Ventilating Frames of 2015.

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  • Dentro Caravaggio – Royal Palace of Milano

Milan returns to homage to the great artist Michelangelo Merisi with Dentro Caravaggio exhibition at the Royal Palace from September 29 to January 18, 2018 with eighteen Master’s masterpieces gathered here for the first time all together. A unique exhibition not only because it will present to the public works from major Italian museums and equally important foreign museums but because for the first time Caravaggio canvases will be flanked by their respective radiographic images that will allow the audience to follow and discover, through a the innovative use of multimedia equipment, the artist’s journey from his initial thought to the final achievement of the work.

One way, surely, very different to see the show and also very original. The enthusiasts will be able to admire both Caravaggio before the Contarelli Chapel and later. The artistic diagnostics allows you to see what work is behind the work of Merisi as well as its technical and artistic evolution. A contemporary artist is following and reinterpreting the caravaggesco chiaroscuro, Bill Viola, presently present at the Crypt of San Sepolcro in a staff where three of his installations are presented. To reach Palazzo Reale take the red Milan metro or the yellow Milan metro and get off at the Duomo stop. Get free Milan public transport thanks to MilanoCard! Click here.


WEEKEND IN MILANThose who will walk through the ancient and fascinating underground church, reopened after 50 years and already with 40,000 visitors, will find on their path three Bill Viola works that will require a special emotional involvement, surely made more immediate by the particular atmosphere suggested by ‘ architecture, as if it were mirrors that reflect the most intimate feelings of those who observe them.

The opening of the track is The Quintet of the Silent, 2000, which sees as the protagonists of five people who, with the characteristic ultra-dramatic times of the artist, are crossed by a wave of intense emotions that threatens to overwhelm them. Thanks to the special time scanning, it is possible to observe every slight change in the expression of the face and body of the group, outlined on neutral background by a caravaggesic chiaroscuro.

It continues with The Return of 2007, which is part of the Transformations series, a reflection of the internal transformation that takes place within a person with the passage of time. On stage a woman from a dark background slowly approaches an invisible limit, to grasp the violent passage between life and death, from shadow to light.

The closure is entrusted to Earth Martyr of 2014, one of the four parts of Martyrs, permanent installation at the Cathedral of Sao Paulo in London, centered on the four elements: a man buried in a land cone tries to trace back and get rid of a return to the life that sees the defeat of time through death and the landing in the resurrection.

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