what to do in milan

What to do in Milan from 27th to 29th October 2017

If you are visiting Milan, in this post you can discover some suggestions and tips on what to do in Milan during the weekend.


The second edition of the festival will bring together the excellence of Lombard beer production and the most tasty street food from all over Italy, selected by Street – European Food Truck Festival. To buy street food or access beer tastes, there are centralized coin boxes for changing euros in coins (with 1 euro you get 1 coin). The Lombardy Beer Fest opened Thursday, October 26, 2017, from 5 pm to one o’clock in the evening. Friday 27 and Saturday 28 October will be open from 12pm to 1am, while Sunday 29th October, from 12pm to midnight.

There are three entrances available for access to Lombardy Beer Fest in October 2017. From Piazza Città di Lombardia 1, Via Melchiorre Gioia 37, or Via Luigi Galvani 27.

You can reach Lombardy Beer Fest tacking green Milan metro and getting off at Gioia stop, or tacking yellow Milan metro and getting off at Centrale stop. Thank to the Milan City Pass you can get free Milan public transport for 24h, 48h or 72h. Click  here and find out how to get free public transport.


In 1991, Kuwait burned 732 oil wells, and the effort of men called to turn them off was enormous, as well as irreparable environmental damage was caused. In Milan at Forma Meravigli is open until 28 January 2018 the Kuwait exhibition. A desert in Fiammedi Sebastião Salgado. After 26 years of the “unnatural” disaster, as the author himself described it, the story of images of a tragedy brings to the present the full extent and severity of what has happened.

Salgado entrusts to black and white, typical of Brazilian photographer, the story of the environmental tragedy that occurred in Kuwait. The 34 large-scale shots appear to go deeper, shaped by an apocalyptic light that gives size to the burning wells, the oil depleting the desert, the animals, and the men.

To reach the exibithion you can take red Milan metro and get off at Cadorna station or with Milan bus number 94. Discover how to get free Milan public transport thanks to Milan City Pass, click here. A few steps from Forma Meravigli you can discover the Crypt of Leonardo and the exhibition of the famous artist Bill Viola.


Weekend in MilanContinues the exhibition of Bill Viola at the Crypt of Leonardo.  The exhibition path designed for the Crypt of Leonardo opens with The Quintet of Silent(2000). This work represents 5 men standing crossed by a wave of intense emotions. The slowness of the video is characterized by the caravaggesic chiaroscuro. The exhibition continues with The Return (2007), which reflects the passage of time and process through which the inner being of a person is transformed. The exhibition path ends with the Earth Martyr (2014) work in which a person is buried in a cone of land that begins to climb, shaking his body, which also begins to climb, being trapped by the weight of the earth.

Click here and discover more about the exhibition.