weekend in Milan

Discover what to do during weekend in Milan – from 29th September to 1st October

Discover here some tips and suggestions on what to do during weekend in Milan, from 29th September to 1st October.


weekend in MilanOn September 29, 1571 Michelangelo Merisi was born in Milan, called Caravaggio. His art focuses on the search for light and shadow within the paintings. The work of Caravaggio was rediscovered and consecrated in 1951 thanks to the art critic Roberto Longhi which dedicated him an exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan. Milan, this year, returns to homage this artist with the exhibition Dentro Caravaggio (Inside Caravaggio) at Palazzo Reale, opened from September 29, 2017. Each work will be flanked by the respective radiographic image that allows to discover, through innovative use of multimedia equipment, the artist’s path from his initial thought to the final achievement of the work.

From today you can come to discover this unforgettable exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Piazza Duomo. To reach Palazzo Reale take the red Milan metro or the yellow Milan metro and get off at the Duomo stop. Thanks to Milan City Pass you can travel for free on all Milan public transport, find out how.


In the weekend you will discover an unforgettable aperitif in the first vineyard on Highline Galleria, the path over the rooftops of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and overlooking the Duomo of Milan. From September 15 to October 31, come to discover the first vineyard with a wine shop on the roofs of Milan. Immerse yourself in the greenery, taste a fine selection of wines and cheeses, and relax thanks to the widespread musical background of the rows. Click here and book. To reach Highline Galleria take the yellow metro or the red metro and get off at the Duomo stop. Thanks to MilanoCard, the Milan City Pass, it is free of charge for Milan metro (click here).


weekend in MilanAt Carroponte of Sesto San Giovanni, from September 27 to October 1, the Italian version of the Oktoberfest in Munich will be on stage. OktoBeer, this is the name of the Oktoberfest of the Carroponte, to design a mythological as extravagant sea monster from the six hearts, as many as are the 6 historic breweries that are allowed to distribute their products during the event in Munich. During the five days of the event, of course, free entrance, you will be able to taste Bavarian original beers such as Spaten Oktoberfest and Franziskaner Oktoberfest. Located at Via Luigi Granelli 1, Carroponte can be reached with the red Milan metro (going down to the Sesto Marelli stop, included in the Milan urban area) or with the lilac Milan metro (getting off to the Bignami stop). With Milan City Pass you can travel for free on all public transport in the urban area of Milan, click here and find out how.