Thighs to do in Milan

Things to do in Milan from 15th to 17th September

If you are in Milan this weekend, find some interesting ideas to enrich your days. Here is things to do in Milan from 15th to 17th September.

  • The Big Draw – international festival of design

 Thighs to do in MilanThe second edition of The Big Draw, the international design festival by Fabriano, take place in Milan. On September 16th and 17th, there will be a two-day marathon where there will be workshops and meetings with artists and illustrators in the gardens of Indro Montanelli Gardens. Creative workshops are free and continuously run to test the water design with Suminagashi’s ancient art, the sensory path inside the park, the creation of nature colors, to participate in the maxi drawing on the wall of colors, until you experience the movement of images with zootropia.

The Giardini Indro Montanelli are in Porta Venezia, to reach them just take the red metro and get off at the Porta Venezia stop. Thanks to Milan City Pass, you can travel for free on all Milan public transport, click here to find out how.

  • East Market

Sunday, September 17 returns East Market, Lambrate’s vintage market. After the summer break, the monthly event dedicated to private individuals is renewed, with over 250 exhibitors and collectors and thousands of new and used items from vintage, craftsmanship, collectables, fashion design and flea design. All in the over 6,000 sqm exhibition of the former Lambrate factory divided between Ventura and Via Massimiano.

To reach East Market, take the green Milan metro and get off at Lambrate stop. With MilanoCard, Milan City Pass, you can travel for free on all Milan public transport, click here and find out more.

  • The extraordinary discovery of Pharaoh Amenofi II

 Thighs to do in MilanIf you are passionate about Ancient Egypt, the one dedicated to Pharaoh Amenofi II is a show that we are sure you will love. At the Museum of Culture, Mudec, Egypt is in fact a protagonist in a way that has a lot to do with Milan. Amenofi II is in fact a pharaoh whose tomb was discovered by Victor Lutetite heirologist who had documented this important inscription in so many writings, of which until 2000 he knew nothing. Today, these original documents are property of the University of Milan that made them available to the exhibition. The exhibition’s path allows you to get to know the funeral tradition of the Egyptians, with the mummies, real sarcophagi and with the help of the virtual, and more to enter the Amenofi II tombstep room, rebuilt on a scale of 1: 1 in penultimate exhibition hall.

To reach the Mudec, take the green Milan metro and get off at Porta Genova. Thanks to MilanoCard, you can travel free of charge on public transport in Milan. Just a short walk from the Mudec, discover Armani Silos, the museum that houses the collections of Giorgio Armani, find here how to get a discount on the entrance ticket with your Milan City Pass!